Team Alpha zyrus
Guest of Honour
Dr F. B. Sayyad (Principal DYPSOE)
Team Niyudharth karting
Innovation award
Team luaskart , sri sairam engineering
Award ceremony :
Guest of Honour : Dr E B Khedkar (Vice President ADYPU and ADYPG)
Team pravegh
Team alfa zyrus
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Hello Teams,
After successfully conducting the Edgeline Go-Kart championship 2020 & E-kart championship 2020, We have also successfully conducted Edgeline Go-Kart championship 2021. It is all possible due to your tremendous response and efforts. We would like to thank all teams for their efforts and wish you all the best for future!

Edgeline Team

With virtual round for static events we want Go-Kart teams to showcase their thought of implementing knowledge and presenting skills.

 It might seem a virtual event for ordinary person, but it is way far from what is looks.

 All the presentations i.e. Design, cost & Business presentation will be conducted virtually to avoid rush during dynamics. 

Virtual event total point= 400

For more detail download rulebook

with series of dynamic events we want see what Go-Kart teams have built with their motorsports spirit. 

After Technical Inspection, Qualified Go-Kart teams have Brake test, Autocross, Endurance etc.  

Event is purely dedicated to only racing activity. no presentations round only racing

Dynamic event total point=  600

For more detail download rulebook

petroleum based kart having desired specifications are welcome to participate in our event.

Electrically designed karts having required specification can also participate in event.

We appreciate the Go-kart teams achievement and reward them with promised prize money immediately after dynamic event. 

We provide the evaluation sheet to every Go-kart team to focus on their strength as well as weakness.
we believe in actual progress not a list of rank.
We want the team to win because constructive feedback, as it makes the team to improvise and move forward with motivation. Feedback is not for criticism it delivers the reality, The one who accepts it eventually they will definitely seek the success.

Award ceremony highlights

Best girl participants

Best captain participants


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